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About Etea

Alice loves to explore new food and drinks. She grew up in a family with father, mother, brother all are Chef. She traveled a lot to South East Asia. She also wonders why we can’t find good Taiwanese milk tea in the Bay Area. She made the milk tea with her own formula. She insisted to use fresh fruit instead and organic green tea. She is proud to bring E Tea to San Francisco local people. Come and try Alice’s secret formula bubble tea. She loves to hear from you all.

Enjoy Tasty Vegetarian dishes in San Francisco!

Enjoy Tasty Vegetarian


The freshness and quality of our ingredients combined with our fresh spin on traditional Chinese and kosher dishes gives new meaning to the concept of vegetarian food! Our most popular dishes include:

  • Classic Chinese vegetarian dishes
  • Tasty Chinese mock meat & seafood dishes
  • Signature dishes like Mongolian Beef, Kung Pao Chicken, Golden Knoll and Eggplant with Sea Bass dishes made with soy
  • Traditional plates made with soy products, yam, or mushroom
  • Homemade Bean Curd Rolls, Soy Bean Sheet, Wheat Gluten, and many more

Our kitchen serves delicious lunch and dinner options, using quality ingredients. Our service is casual, quick and respectful, which means your experience with us is relaxing and comfortable. With over 125 dishes to choose from, each visit to our Chinese restaurant can be a new experience!

Plant Your Roots at Our San Francisco Vegetarian Restaurant

Plant Your Roots at Our

San Francisco Vegetarian Restaurant

There is no better place for you to plant your roots and engage in a movement towards responsible eating, environmentally sustainable economy and local ingredients. Our dishes are always made to order with a gourmet twist on traditional Chinese recipes. We are proud to carry on the tradition of kosher and vegetarian practices and we invite you to visit us for a meal, a unique catering request or a simply relaxing place to gather with your family and friends.

Enjoy your next meal or party with Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant!

We have two convenient locations in San Francisco, so please come by to visit us at any time! We proudly offer catering services and online orders. Contact us to learn more.